$WinREAgent Folder: What Is It and Is It Safe to Delete?

Want to know what is $WinREAgent folder and is it safe to delete? Read this article to get answers.

Windows updates always download some files and folders on your system. Typically, you can find the installed folders or files during Windows updates. Moreover, some folders are completely hidden. $WinREAgent is one of the folders that can be generated during Windows updates. This article can guide you if you are a non-technical individual and want to know about the $WinREAgent folder.

What is the $WinREAgent Folder?

Windows update process usually forms folders and some files on your system automatically. In such folders, temporary files are included that enable the user to restore Windows if the upgrading procedure fails. $WinREAgent is one of the examples of such folders that help recover the system if the system update fails for any reason.

Furthermore, $WinREAgent is a hidden folder that you won’t be able to see if you haven’t enabled the hidden items. It is created by Windows Recovery Environment automatically and gets deleted usually after 10 days. Moreover, it won’t contain any files and will display the actual size as 0 bytes.

Where is the $WinREAgent Folder Located?

As Windows OS is installed in a C:/ drive, you will always find the $WinREAgent folder in the same place. Moreover, as $WinREAgent is a hidden folder, you may be unable to locate it quickly. To find the $WinREAgent folder easily, you can proceed to the following instructions:

Step 1: Open Computer and Navigate to the C Drive: Begin by navigating to “My Computer” on your PC. Afterward, open the C:/ drive where your Windows OS is installed.

Step 2: Unhide the $WinREAgent Folder. Once done, head to the “View” tab given at the top side. From there, uncheck the box “Hidden Items.” By doing so, you can locate the $WinREAgent folder.

Is It Safe to Delete the $WinREAgent Folder?

You may be wondering whether to delete this temporary system folder or not. The primary purpose of the $WinREAgent folder is to recover or restore Windows updates anytime. It may be possible that Windows updates may get sluggish or fail due to any internal problem. If you want to revert the update, $WinREAgent can be useful. Once the Windows updates are installed successfully, you can easily delete the folder.

Moreover, even if you don’t delete the temporary system folder, it automatically gets deleted after 10 days. You can manually delete the folder once you have successfully installed all the pending updates. Therefore, deleting the $WinREAgent folder is completely safe and secure.

How to Delete the $WinREAgent Folder?

Before deleting the $WinREAgent content, install all the pending updates on your PC successfully. Moreover, if you don’t want to restore the Windows updates, you can easily delete the $WinREAgent folder. The steps to the $WinREAgent folder are extremely simple and quick to follow, which are jotted down below:

Step 1: Locate the $WinREAgent Folder: Begin by locating the $WinREAgent folder in the C:/ drive where your Windows OS is downloaded. Make sure to enable the hidden items options on the top to easily see the $WinREAgent folder.

Step 2: Delete the $WinREAgent Folder From Keyboard: Afterward, right-click on the $WinREAgent folder to open a drop-down menu. From there, click on the “Delete” button. You can also press the “Del” key on your keyboard to remove the folder. This will instantly remove the  $WinREAgent folder from your system.


Windows updates are necessary to make the performance of your system stable. During such a process, the $WinREAgent folder gets downloaded automatically. Using this folder, you can restore the Windows updates anytime efficiently. By reading this guide, you have discovered the details about the $WinREAgent folder and the instructions to delete it in a detailed manner.

$WinREAgent FAQs

Have you learned several things about this temporary folder in Windows systems? There are a few other questions present in the mind of the users, which are covered below:

Is $WinREAgent a virus?

$WinREAgent folder is not a virus as it includes temporary files downloaded during Windows updates. These files are essential to recovering from the failed Windows update. Moreover, this folder gets deleted automatically after 10 days of Windows update.

Do I need $WinREAgent?

Yes, you may need the $WinREAgent folder to roll back the Windows update. If you encounter some problems during a Windows update, you can use the $WinREAgent for restoration. Once you have downloaded the update, you can remove the $WinREAgent folder.

How do I get rid of $WinREAgent?

First, head to the C:/ drive and locate the $WinREAgent folder by enabling the hidden items. Right-click on the $WinREAgent folder and click on the “Delete” button from the pop-up menu.

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