Windows.old Folder: What Is It and How to Delete It?

Windows.old folder contains data from old version of Windows. Learn two ways to delete it safely.

On your computer, you may encounter several files and folders that are taking up your storage space. During your regular system cleanup, you may need to free up your storage to enhance the functionality of your PC. Windows.old folder is one of the examples of the present files on your PC that you may need to delete. To learn about Windows.old folder in detail, read this article carefully.

What is the Windows.old Folder?

Undoubtedly, Windows has become one of the most common and reliable operating systems. Users update their systems to the latest versions to make this OS more unique and secure. In the latest versions, fewer bugs and errors are present, which improves the system’s performance. When a user upgrades his system to the latest version, a copy of the older version is created. This copy is called Windows.old folder. 

This folder includes multiple files and forms of data from the previous OS version. The main purpose of this particular folder is to restore the older version of Windows. In some cases, it may occur that the update of the new OS may not function properly on your system. In such a scenario, you may use Windows.old to recover back to the older version of Windows.

Furthermore, if you have lost your important file in the new update of Windows, you can utilize this folder. Using it, you can locate the specific file from your previous OS. Commonly, Windows.old folder gets deleted after 30 days of Windows update.

Where is the Windows.old Folder Located?

Do you know that Windows OS installation can be found in C:/ drive? In this specific drive, you can also find Windows.old folder easily. Moreover, you can also use File Explorer to navigate to the respective folder. Once you have found this folder, you can also recover files or data from your previous OS.

Locate the Windows.old folder

Can I Delete Windows.old Folder?

Yes, it is entirely safe and common to delete Windows.old folder. However, before deleting the folder, you should ensure whether you need it or not. If you are satisfied with the new version of Windows and don’t want to restore the previous version, you can delete Windows.old folder. Moreover, if you don’t need specific files or data from the earlier version of the OS, you can get rid of Windows.old. Therefore, you can eliminate this system folder from your computer anytime.

How to Delete Windows.old Folder?

Like other files, Windows.old folder can also take up space on your PC. Moreover, if you do not require Windows.old folder on your system, it’s ideal for getting rid of it. The manual process to delete Windows.old folder is simple and straightforward. In this part of the article, we will address two methods through which you can manually delete Windows.old folder effectively.

Through Windows Settings

Step 1: Search for Settings: Head to the “Search” icon on your Windows and enter “Settings.” After opening the settings from the results, click on the “System” option.

select the system settings

Step 2: Initiate Storage Sense Option: On the left side, select the option called “Storage.” Moreover, make sure to turn on the toggle of Storage Sense. This will enhance the storage management of your PC. Afterward, hit the “Configure Storage Sense or run it now” button to proceed.

open configure storage sense option

Step 3: Clean Unwanted Files: Once done, scroll to the bottom of the new Window. From there, tap on the “Free up space now” option. Afterward, choose the “Clean Now” button to delete the unwanted files, including Windows.old folder.

clean unwanted files

By Navigating to File Explorer

Step 1: Head to File Explorer: On your taskbar, go to “File Explorer.” From the newly displayed screen, click on the “My PC” option from the left panel of the screen.

navigate to this pc

Step 2: Open Properties from C:/ Drive: From the File Explorer window, navigate to the Windows drive to proceed. After finding the C:/ drive, right-click on it to open a drop-down menu. From there, click on “Properties.”

Step 3: Locate Disk Clean Up: Afterward, head to the “General” tab on the newly displayed screen. Now tap on the “Disk Clean Up” button and select “Clean up system files.”

click Disk Cleanup

Step 4: Select Windows Update Cleanup: A new window will appear in which you can select the files to delete. Afterward, to select Windows.old folder, choose the option “Windows Update Cleanup,” and then hit the “OK” button. For confirmation, select “Delete Files,” and the process will be concluded.

select Windows update cleanup and hit OK


To help restore the older version of Windows OS, you can utilize Windows.old folder. It functions as the backup copy of the previous version of Windows so that you can revert the changes anytime. By reading this guide, you can find complete details regarding Windows.old folder and simple instructions to delete it proficiently.

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