$Windows.~BT Folder: What Is It and Can You Delete It?

Read this guide to learn what is $Windows.~BT folder and how to delete it safely.

There are many types of system folders present in Windows computers. From important files and folders to unnecessary and unwanted data, it is vital to keep note of them. For this article, we will work on the $Windows.~BT folder, a temporary system folder that holds some files after a system backup. Keep reading to know more about the temporary folder and its significance in Windows computers.

What is the $Windows.~BT Folder?

Whenever you update your Windows computer, there are some system installation files that are left behind. Instead of installing those files again, you can use a built-in hidden folder known as the $Windows.~BT folder. This folder is present in Windows computers that are recently updated and contains essential logs and installed files for the ease of Windows users.

This folder can be used to shift back to previous Windows OS versions. No doubt this folder is a very reliable and supportive one; however, you are aware that Windows devices run short on space easily. As $Windows.~BT comprises all the installed files and is mainly hidden, you can run low on space because of this folder.

Where is the $Windows.~BT Folder Location?

$Windows.~BT folder is a hidden folder, so you can face a few difficult scenarios while finding it. Though it may be difficult, it is not impossible. You can find it on the drive alongside the Microsoft Windows Operating System files. Moreover, this folder is also found on specific Windows OS versions, including Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, and Windows 11.

Thus, if you are using any of the mentioned Windows versions, you are likely to have $Windows.~BT on the C:/ drive. Knowing that there is a hidden folder in your computer that can be taking up its space, you must be wondering about its location. So, if you wish to access the $Windows.~BT folder on your Windows computer, feel free to follow the steps listed below:

Step 1: Select Drive Comprising $Windows.~BT Folder

To locate the $Windows.~BT folder, select “File Explorer” and open “C:/” drive on your computer. Following this, click “View” from the above panel of the screen.

Step 2: Customize Settings to Access $Windows.~BT Folder

Afterward, from the toolbar, click the “Options” button. Choose “Change Folder and Search Options” from the pop-up menu.

Step 3: Locate $Windows.~BT Folder on Windows Computer

Now, from the new window, click on the “View” tab and toggle the option of “Show hidden files, folders and drive.” Along with this, disable “Hide protected operating system files (Recommended)” and click “Apply.” By doing this, you will find the $Windows.~BT folder in front of your screen.

Is It Safe to Delete the $Windows.~BT Folder?

No doubt that the $Windows.~BT Folder is loaded with all the installation and log files; however, they are nothing but space-consuming factors. Deletion of this folder will not impact your device in a bad way. This folder is only supported when restoring the Windows version or accessing any specific file type of Windows that has not been installed after a particular update.

Other than this, the deletion of $Windows.~BT will result in increased space in your Windows computer. Thus, the deletion of this folder is not harmful or a lagging factor for your Windows computer.  

How to Delete the $Windows.~BT Folder?

Who doesn’t want extra space on their Windows computers? You can do this perfectly by deleting the $Windows.~BT folder from your computer. However, if you have no idea how to accomplish this task, the below-given steps will help you a lot:

Step 1: Launch Disk Cleanup Tool on your Computer

To initiate the process, launch your Windows computer. Go to the taskbar and click the “Search” bar. Once the searching option is enabled, type “Disk Cleanup” to open the cleaning tool on the Windows computer.

Step 2: Access the Clean Up System Files Option

As you lead to the Disk Cleanup interface, select “C:” drive, which contains the $Windows.~BT folder. Following this, hit “OK” and wait a few seconds as a new Windows opens. Afterward, from the new window, choose the option of “Clean up system files” from the bottom of the screen.

Step 3: Delete $Windows.~BT Folder from Windows Computer

Following this, select the drive again and wait for a few seconds. Once the list of new options appears on the screen, locate the options “Windows Update Cleanup,” “Windows Upgrade Log Files,” “Download Program Files,” and “Temporary Internet Files.” After finding all these options, checkmark them to clean the $Windows.~BT folder.

Final Words

As this article demonstrates, devices can be complicated as they can have many hidden folders. One of the most common hidden folders in Windows computers is the $Windows.~BT folder. This folder is mainly loaded with failed installed files and logs.

However, you can delete this folder to free up some space on your computer. Moreover, it is completely safe to delete this folder, and you can do this by following the steps listed above. Other than this, if you want to access the $Windows.~BT folder on your Windows folder, the process for this task is also discussed above.

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