How to Use Intel Unison to Sync Your iPhone to Windows 11

Read this guide on how to sync your iPhone to Windows PC with the Intel Unison application.

Syncing your iPhone to your Windows PC can get tricky as Apple devices have always been very closed off. Even Microsoft’s Phone Link (Your Phone) tool doesn’t support iOS, and with the eventual demise of iTunes, transferring any data between your devices becomes much more challenging.

However, there are solutions to the problem. One such fix is using Intel’s latest Intel Unison tool. This article combines all the information you need on the new app and how you can sync iPhone to PC with Intel Unison.

What is Intel Unison

Announced back in September 2022, the Intel Unison app would become available to the masses on November 2022. The software enables you to sync your iPhone with a Windows computer quickly and easily. This can be helpful for file transfers, data backups, and overall device synchronization.

Intel claims that the service is only exclusively present for Evo laptops. However, our testing showed that it works on all Windows 11 devices.

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What Can You Sync with Intel Unison

You might be wondering what type of data you can sync using Intel Unison. Well, here’s a list of all the information or data you can get from your devices:

1. Phone Notifications – Control all your notifications on your iPhone/Android smartphone right on your Windows PC.

2. Text Messaging – Easily access and reply to text messages on your phone by using your computer.

3. Phone Calls – Make and receive calls directly on your PC. Plus, you can even access your phone’s contact list.

4. Photos and Pictures – Accessing photos and syncing them is easy using the Intel Unison app.

5. File Transfer – Save time while transferring files between your PC and smartphone device.

How to Sync Your iPhone to Windows with Intel Unison

Setting up the Intel Unison app and transferring data is easy and straightforward if you follow the right guide. The process took me around 5 minutes to get up and running on my Windows PC and iPhone 12 Pro Max.

Here is a detailed step-by-step tutorial on how to sync iPhone to PC with Intel Unison:

Step 1: Install Intel Unison on your Windows desktop/laptop. You can get Intel Unison from Microsoft Store by clicking on the “Get” button. This will begin the download process, and the app will be installed on your PC.

Step 2: Install Intel Unison App on your iPhone. Now, access the Apple App Store on your iPhone and download the Intel Unison app. Just authorize the installation, and the app should be available to use on your device. Once installed, run the tool on both your iPhone and Windows PC.

Step 3: Pair Your iPhone and Windows PC. One thing to consider is that the Wi-Fi network your PC is connected to should also be the same on your iPhone. Plus, your iPhone’s Bluetooth connection should also be toggled on for easy pairing with your PC.

Step 4: Use Your iPhone App to Scan the QR Code. Start the Intel Unison app on your PC, and you should see a large QR code pop-up. Now, scan the QR Code displayed on your Windows computer with your iPhone. This will begin the pairing process and will require you to authorize the app with different permissions. The devices should be paired in about a minute or two at max.

Step 5: Sync iPhone to PC with Intel Unison. Finally, you can select the data you want to transfer between your iPhone and computer after pairing the device. To sync things like your messages, notifications, and images, click on the respective tab and transfer the files from your iPhone to your PC. Intel Unison will also help you reply to messages, check notifications, and call people right from your Windows PC.

📝 Note: Intel Unison can’t be used to sync data between multiple devices simultaneously. The app can only transfer information between your iPhone and your PC. Plus, it isn’t compatible with iCloud and can’t sync your data to an online server. However, it is a useful tool for keeping your iPhone data secured on your Windows computer.

Final Words

Transferring or syncing data from iPhone to Windows has always been complicated. Intel Unison makes it easy for iOS users to securely sync their data to Windows PCs. Plus, it allows easy access to iPhone notifications, contacts, calls, and messages right from your Windows desktop/laptop.

You can download and use the app using our guide above. Plus, the detailed instructions help you to quickly sync iPhone to PC with Intel Unison.

Intel Unison FAQs

When was Intel Unison released?

The app was first announced back in September of 2022 and was slated to launch at the end of the year. Finally, Intel Unison was quietly/paper launched in late November 2022 on various marketplaces (Apple App Store, Microsoft Store, Google Play Store) and is seeing an upward trend of a growing user base.

Does Intel Unison work on AMD Windows PC?

Though Intel stated it only works on Intel-based PC, Intel Unison also works on AMD or ARM-based Windows PCs after our testing. Plus, you can also install the app on all Intel-equipped PCs and not just their Evo line of laptops.

Will Intel Unison Run on Windows 10?

No, the app only runs on Windows 11 22621 version and later. Intel officially doesn’t support Windows 10, but it might work, considering both versions are quite similar.

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