[3 Methods] How to Turn on Bluetooth in Windows 11

This article explains how to turn on Bluetooth in Windows 11 through 3 quick and easy methods.

Bluetooth is a great utility that allows you to perform many quick tasks on computers and smartphones. You can use it to quickly transfer files and connect wireless devices to a device. While almost all devices come with in-built Bluetooth, each operating system’s steps for enabling or disabling Bluetooth differ.

If you are a Windows 11 user and don’t know how to turn on Bluetooth, this article is for you. It will explain how to turn on Bluetooth in Windows 11 through 3 quick and easy methods.

Method 1. Turn on Bluetooth via Quick Settings

On Windows 11, Microsoft has grouped together the most frequently used settings into a “Quick Settings” menu. These settings include Wi-Fi, Airplane Mode, Brightness, Volume, and Bluetooth, among others. It is a quick and handy way to enable or disable Bluetooth. Here is how to turn on Bluetooth in Windows 11 via Quick Settings:

Step 1: Select the Volume or Wi-Fi Icon

To access the Windows Quick Settings, you can click on the “Volume” and “Wi-Fi” icons at the bottom right corner near the date and calendar. Otherwise, you can use the “Win + A” shortcut key.

Access Quick Settings

Step 2: Enable the Bluetooth Option

Once the Quick Settings window opens, click the “Bluetooth” option to toggle it on. Once it is turned on, it will turn blue.

tap on bluetooth option

Method 2. Enable Bluetooth in Windows 11 Settings

You can also use Windows Settings to enable Bluetooth on your Windows 11 computer. Microsoft has overhauled the settings in Windows 11, making it easier for users to access and use it. As for enabling Bluetooth through settings is concerned, the process is very easy. Use these steps to enable Bluetooth in Windows 11 via Windows Settings:  

Step 1: Access the Windows Settings

Use the “Win + I” shortcut key from your keyboard to launch the “Windows Settings.” You can also search and access Windows Settings through the “Start” menu by clicking the “Windows” icon.

access the windows settings

Step 2: Activate the Bluetooth Feature from the Settings

After this, click “Bluetooth & devices” from the left side panel to open the Bluetooth settings. Now, toggle on the Bluetooth if it is disabled.

Method 3. Access Bluetooth Settings in Windows 11 Search

Not a fan of browsing through different settings to enable Bluetooth on Windows 11? You can also use the Search option located on the Windows Taskbar. Through it, you can search for the Bluetooth settings directly and enable it. Follow the steps given below to learn how to turn on Bluetooth in Windows 11 via Search:

Step 1: Access the Bluetooth Settings of your Device

Click the “Search” box in the Windows Taskbar and search for “Bluetooth” or “Bluetooth settings.” Once it appears, tap “Open” to launch “Bluetooth and other devices settings.”

Search bluetooth

Step 2: Turn On the Bluetooth Feature

In the “Bluetooth and other devices settings,” toggle the Bluetooth switch to enable it on your Windows 11 computer.

Enable Bluetooth settings

Bluetooth FAQs

In case you are having issues understanding how to turn on Bluetooth in Windows 11, you can refer to the FAQs answers below:

1. Is there a hotkey to turn on Bluetooth?

No, there isn’t a direct hotkey for toggling on and off Bluetooth on Windows 11 or any other Windows version. However, there are keys to quickly access the Bluetooth settings where you enable or disable it. One is “Win + A,” which opens Quick Settings, and another is “Win + I,” which is used to access Windows Settings.

2. Why can’t I turn on Bluetooth on Windows 11?

Multiple reasons can result in your inability to turn on Bluetooth on Windows 11. It can happen due to a temporary system bug or glitch. Moreover, a corrupted Bluetooth driver can also be the cause. Other issues might relate to conflicting settings. Most of these issues can be resolved through Bluetooth Troubleshooter.

3. How to fix Bluetooth missing on Windows 11?

If you are unable to find Bluetooth on your Windows 11, you can use the following steps to fix it:

Step 1: Use the search button on Windows Taskbar to search for “Bluetooth troubleshoot.” In the results, you will see “Find and fix problems with Bluetooth devices,” which you need to select by clicking “Open.”

Step 2: It will open the Bluetooth Troubleshooter, which you can run by taping “Next.” Once completed, check if the missing Bluetooth has appeared on your Windows 11.


To conclude the article, many simple and quick ways are available to turn on Bluetooth in windows 11. You can use any of them to quickly toggle on or off Bluetooth. Windows also offer many quick fixes if the Bluetooth on your Windows 11 isn’t working properly. After enabling Bluetooth, you should disable it after your need is complete, as an active Bluetooth can be a security concern.

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