How to Remove SSL Certificates from Windows 10 and 11

This guide teaches you how to delete and remove SSL certificates on Windows 10 and 11.

SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer, and it is used for securing internet connections. This also helps prevent eavesdropping on your network and makes an encrypted link between the client and server. Yet, hackers can hack or steal these certificates, and you can experience data breaching issues. For this reason, users want to remove SSL Certificates on Windows.

To avoid encryption issues and to keep your sensitive data safe. In this article, you will learn how to delete SSL Certificates on Windows 10 & 11. Moreover, you will also find the answer to queries like whether it’s safe to delete and how you can do this without any confusion.

What Are SSL Certificates

The type of digital certificate that authenticates the identity of the website and allows you to work with an encrypted connection is known as SSL Certificate (such as an OpenSSL certificate). It is widely used in the enterprise to prevent private data from several types of cybercrimes. When the server connects with the site, it is automatically secured with SSL Certificate. The browser, after this, request the identity of the server.

The web server then provides a copy of its own SSL Certificate. Following this, the browser analyzes whether the certificate can be trusted and starts the SSL encryption session. The data is then shared with the server and web server with full safety. SSL Certificates are very helpful in making credit transactions and working on legal documentation or login credentials. There are also diversified types of SSL Certificates, such as:

  • Organization Validation Certificates (OV SSL)
  • Extended Validation Certificates (EV SSL)
  • Wildcard SSL Certificates
  • Domain Validated Certificate (DV SSL)
  • Multi-Domain SSL Certificate (MDC)
  • Unified Communications Certificates (UCC)

Is It Safe to Delete SSL Certificates

Yes, deleting the SSL Certificates from Windows 10 & 11 computers is totally safe. The SSL Certificates can be hacked and stolen. Due to these types of issues, unauthorized persons can access your private data. So, it can be better to delete the SSL Certificates from Windows computers.

However, you need to back them up before you permanently delete them because you cannot access them again if you don’t have any backup with you. Moreover, it will not compromise other data on your Windows computer, so it’s safe to delete this.  

How to Remove SSL Certificates on Windows 10/11

As we have discussed in the last part that removing SSL Certificates is totally safe. If you also don’t want to risk sensitive data, consider removing SSL Certificates. Moreover, it is not tricky to access the SSL Certificates as it is stored in Microsoft Management Console (MMC) Certificate Manager. 

The Certificate Manager helps you in managing the certificates that are installed on your devices. Don’t worry if you don’t know how to do this because the below-given instructions will help you delete SSL certificates on Windows:

Step 1: Launch MMC and Access Certificate: To remove SSL Certificates from Windows 10 & 11 computers, go to the “Search” feature and search for “MMC.” Once the icon of “MMC” appears, click on it. As the “MMC” is opened, access the “File” and proceed with the “Add/Remove Snap-in” option. Next, click on “Certificates” from the left column and press the “Add” button to move the “Certificates” to the right column.

Launch MMC and press the add button

Step 2: Configure the Certificates Snap-in: From the “Certificates snap-in” window, click “Computer Account” to view the device certificates. Select the ‘Next” button, and from the next window, click “Local Computer.” Hit the “Finish” button and click on “OK.”

Step 3: Choose the SSL Certificate to Delete: After closing the “Snap-ins Manager” window, the list of certificates will appear. Go to “Certificates” in the left column and select “Third-Party Root Certification Authorities.” Next, access the “Certificates” folder and locate the SSL Certificate you want to delete.  

choose third-party root certificate authorities folder

Step 4: Remove the SSL Certificate: After this, right-click on the selected SSL Certificate and choose the “Properties” option. Following this, enable the option of “Disable all purposes for this certificate.” Next, click the “Apply” button and restart your device to apply the changes.

Disable all purposes for this certificate


Through this article, you have learned all about SSL Certificates for Windows computers. The SSL Certificates help to make encryption safer. It also prevents your sensitive data. Yet, the chances for the hacking of SSL Certificates are high, which can risk your private data. For this reason, you need to remove SSL Certificates on Windows 10 & 11.

It is not difficult as it seems because you can remove SSL Certificate by accessing Microsoft Management Console (MMC) Certificate Manager. The detailed guide to getting rid of SSL Certificates on Windows 10 and 11 computers is also discussed in this article for your ease.

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