How to Enable VLC Dark Mode on Windows and Mac (With Pictures)

A step-by-step guide on how to enable dark mode on Windows and Mac.

Nearly 2.2 billion people around the globe have distance or near eyesight problems, and the numbers are increasing daily (a report from World Health Organization). Malnutrition, environmental factors, and genetics are the main causes of such impairment. However, another emerging cause is the excessive use of mobile gadgets. The rays of light coming out of the device screen continuously damage our retina. That’s why modern devices have incorporated the Dark mode feature to relax eyes.

Besides reducing eye strains, the dark mode also improves the contrast between content and interface. Moreover, it saves a lot of battery life because dark pixels use less power as compared to bright pixels. It is always wise to enable VLC dark mode on your device while watching movies to relieve your eyes and save battery life.

Is There A Dark Mode in VLC?

You can use dark Mode in VLC whether you are using Windows or Mac. However, one important thing to keep in mind is that no built-in dark mode is available in Windows. You have to download its dark skin from the official website of the VLC media player. Once you download it, you can easily use it anytime for reading and watching content.

However, if you are a Mac user, you are not required to download any skin to enable dark mode on VLC. VLC has its own built-in dark mode for macOS users, which gives a rich black background for an aesthetic view. You can easily change VLC to the dark mode or light mode as per the requirement with just a few clicks. 

How to Enable VLC Dark Mode on Windows

If you are looking for ways to switch VLC to dark mode on Windows 11, then you are at the right place. In this section, we have provided all the steps that will lead you to enable the dark mode of your VLC in a short time:

Step 1: Download eDark Skin from the VLC Website.

Open the official website of VLC and access the “VLC” menu. Here, select the “Customize” option and scroll down through the page to access the “eDark Vlc” skin. After selecting it, tap the “Download” option to download dark mode skin on your device.

download edark vlc skin

Step 2: Launch VLC Media Player on Windows.

Launch the VLC media player on your device and select the “Tools” menu present at the top toolbar. Next, select the “Preferences” option to access the “Simple Preferences” settings.

choose the vlc preferences option

Step 3: Add Custom Skin in the Media Player.

In the “Interface” section, enable the “Use custom skin” option. Now, press the “Choose” button and add the download dark mode skin. Afterward, press the “Save” button and close the tool. Refresh your device and launch VLC again to enjoy it in dark mode.

choose your downloaded vlc skin

How to Enable VLC Dark Mode on Mac

As discussed previously, you don’t have to download the dark mode custom skin for Mac. To turn on VLC dark mode on Mac, try the below-given steps:

Step 1: Open and Access the Settings of VLC.

Locate the VLC media player from the “Finder” and open it on your Mac. Now, select the “VLC Media Player” present at the top toolbar and choose the “Settings” option.

access the vlc mac settings

Step 2: Enable Dark Mode and Save the Process.

In the “Interface” section, activate the “Dark” option of interface style to enable dark mode for VLC, and click the “Save” button. Close the media player and re-open it again. Now, the VLC Media Player of your MacBook will run in dark mode.


Windows and macOS users can enable dark mode for VLC by following the simple steps provided in this article. By doing so, you will not face any screen headaches, which is a common problem occurring due to the harmful rays of screen light. Moreover, you can focus more on the content because of the smoothing contrast. Switch VLC to dark mode now to please your eyes with a modern look.

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