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Are you looking for the best call recorder to record phone calls? Do not worry because we have found the best one for you.


Total Recall call recorder is all what you actually want and is the best call recorder you have ever used! We understand that, unlike previous days, call recording is not only used for the business purposes. You may need it to record customer service calls to make sure that the company you are speaking is held accountable for what they’re actually saying & claiming. You also record calls of your loved ones, including family members and friends, as a memory to save and you may also want a call recorder to record calls for legal reasons. Total Recall recorder serves all these purposes and many more. Through Total Recall call recorder, you can have fun with the recordings as well by sharing them from the app to your contacts on WhatsApp. Yes, it’s very easy to share funny calls now!

Now let me share some information concerning the misconception regarding call recorders. Most of us think that call recording is illegal all over the world. However, according to the law of US Federal, only one party is needed to be notified that the call is being recorded. In the other words, you can say that you may record the call and do not tell the person on the other side that you are doing so. On the other hand, there are some states that require that all parties be notified and such countries are the exceptions as the majority follows Federal law in this regard.

Recording a call is not considered as a crime and you would not be arrested or face any legal issues for doing so. However, you cannot use that recording as legal purpose e.g. using this in a court case as evidence. Another misconception regarding the call recording is that all call recorders are created equal, but there is nothing as such. Actually, the top 5 call recorders you will come across on the Play Store, can only record from your phone or your device’s microphone and the remote caller audio will be horribly low, if it is present at all. The worst part is that these apps are highly dependent on the available Android APIs and device limitations.

When we look at Total Recall, it has various proprietary methods, both for rooted & non-rooted devices that literally enable full, two sided, true call recording on millions of Android devices that other apps don’t. So, Total Recall allows you to believe that Call Recording is possible and it is not at all frustrating.

After making your concepts clear about call recording, let me highlight the major differences between Total Recall call recorder and the ordinary call recorders. Total Recall was the first mobile phone call recording app back in 2004 and it was used for Nokia and Symbian devices. It is still the only true multi-OS call recorder for Symbian, Android, Maemo/Meego, and for iOS as well. Yes, you can use this amazing application even if you have Apple products.

Furthermore, it is the only Android product that offers a true “Sync” with the cloud feature, so you can easily bring all of your recordings over to a new device. So, no need to worry about saving your recordings or transferring them into any other phone or device.

total recall sync

Total Recall call recorder can record calls on more devices than any other app. If you are confused or have any doubt, you may take the top 5 apps from the Play Store right now and test any one of them on a Motorola G/E/X. They simply won’t work! However, Total Recall will run smoothly on hundreds of models of any device, without any requirement to root.

total recall device support

We know that the irrelevant advertisements make you frustrated. Most Call Recorders are filled with privacy killing ads, and others quite literally report private device & user data to remote servers. So, the best part about Total Recall call recorder is that is does not have any advertisement. With free, you get what you pay for I suppose!

To build your confidence over Total Recall call recorder, let`s talk about the credibility of the application. Total Recall was developed by Killer Mobile and has almost 2 million users all over the world. The app’s got overall 4.1+ stars!

total recall usage stats

Total Recall call recorder is being liked by a number of people because of the matchless service. It is also because we understand every aspect of the call recording and we know that you need call recorder for a number of purposes, some of them have already been discussed.

We believe that we have cleared most of your confusions. Similarly, the application, Total Recall call recorder, will help you a lot and will make things easier for you. So, do not wait and waste your time, instead, go to the Play Store immediately and download this amazing call recorder to avail these incredible opportunities and the features.

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