How Someone Can Steal Your Browser’s Saved Passwords With Your Computer Access

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steal password

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You may have saved a password in your browser – Chrome, Firefox, IE, Opera etc. Do you know that your saved password is at risk and anyone can steal it if you don’t prevent people from accessing your computer. If accidentally, anyone could access your computer when you are not at home or you are away from your computer, Your password can easily be stolen with few simple steps.

How someone can steal your browser’s saved passwords

Below are steps for to view saved password in 3 most used browsers – Chrome, Firefox and IE.

Stealing Password From Chrome browser

Anyone who accesses your computer can see your chrome’s saved password by going to settings page. Here is how.

  • Go to chrome’s settings page.
  • Scroll down, you will see this text link: “Show advanced settings…”
  • Click on that, you will then see Password and Forms option.
  • Click on Manage saved passwords next to it.
  • A pop up window will appear where you can see the list of saved passwords but all the passwords are hidden now.
  • Click on any one of them and click show button then password will become view able.

chrome saved passwords

There is a shortcut link of doing so: Just enter this address on your chrome address bar. chrome://settings/passwords

Stealing Password From Firefox

  • Open options window.
  • Switch to the security tab and click Saved Passwords button.
  • A pop-up window will appear with the list of all your saved password, click on any one of them and click show Passwords button.

Firefox saved password

Stealing Password From IE

Internet Explorer is a little bit better than Firefox and chrome because it doesn’t give you any option to see your saved passwords. However, one can use some tools to see all the saved passwords like IE PassView to see all your passwords.

There’s one more way to see IE’s saved password. Just visit the website where you saved passwords and use the tool: Reveal Passwords bookmarklet. This will let you reveal the saved password that is not view-able. For example: If you saved your Facebook’s Password, just visit You will see the password is already filled but hidden. Then use the above tool to reveal that.


Well using this tool, anyone who can access your computer, can easily steal your saved passwords. So it’s better to prevent others from accessing your computer.

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