Samsung GALAXY S4 vs iPhone 5 : Comparison

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samsung galaxy s4 vs iphone 5

samsung galaxy s4 vs iphone 5In today’s digital world you can see the two best mobile phone companies, Apple and samsung, they both are the kings of phone market. In this post I want to make comparison of the two new models of Samsung and Apple. Samsung new model is Samsung Galaxy S4 while iPhone 5 is a model of Apple. So let’s check that who is going to win the race.

Samsung GALAXY S4 vs iPhone 5: Comparison


The design of Samsung Galaxy S4 is very much similar to Samsung S3, the only difference which I noted is the disappearance of the main button and the screen is wider than Samsung Galaxy S3. Samsung Galaxy S4 is available in Black, grey, white, blue and red color.
I am very disappointed when I see the iPhone 5 because I thought Apple would go for a little big screen. And the new iPhone 5 is only available in 2 colors black and white. So Samsung Galaxy S3 win the Design round.


galaxy s4 vs iphone 5
The Samsung Galaxy S4 is bigger then iPhone 5 in size. The Samsung S4 is 137mm long and 70mm in width. While iPhone 5 is 124mm in length and 59mm in width. Apple is not willing to increase the size of the iPhone 5.

Build Material

galaxy s4 vs iphone 5

Samsung use the same plastic material in Samsung Galaxy S4 which it used in Samsung GalaxyS3 which is looking cheap to me. Apple’s iPhone 5 is purely made of aluminium which gives it a nice look and long life.


Samsung Galaxy S4 has a battery capacity of 2,600 mAh while iPhone 5 batterys capacity is 1,440mAh, Galaxy S4 has more capacity then iPhone 5 but still we are not able to judge the hours of talk or internet of Galaxy S4 because it is still new. While iPhone 5 has 8 hours talk time.

RAM, Storage And Processor 

Samsung Galaxy S4 leads in the RAM because it has 2GB RAM while iPhone 5 has 1 GB RAM. While in storage both are equal, they support upto 64 GB card. Galaxy has 1.6GHz and 1.9GHz in v1 and v2 respectively while iPhone 5 has a processor of 1.3GHZ.


As in every field which I noted Galaxy S4 won the fight, in this case Galaxy S4 wins again against the iPhone 5. Samsung Galaxy S4 has 12 mega pixel camera and iPhone 5 has 8 mega pixel camera.


So, if you ask me for the conclusion it is very simple and easy decision for me to rate Samsung Galaxy S4 much higher then Apple iPhone 5 because in every field Samsung Galaxy S4 won the battle from Apple iPhone 5.

What do you say about this comparison? Would you prefer Samsung GALAXY S4 OR iPhone 5? Let us know it in the comments section.

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