Reasons to Adopt VOIP

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The term VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) refers to the software and hardware by which you can transmit phone calls over the internet instead of using more traditional telephone circuit transmissions. By transmitting data via internet voice packets, you can send your calls over the internet just like email. The results can be impressive in terms of increased productivity and lower costs.

Higher Quality

In the early stages of VOIP service technology, the quality wasn’t always that great. However, the technology has greatly evolved in recent years and essentially matches or surpasses the features of even IP phones. The sound quality is also very good.

Lower Costs

Not only has the quality of VOIP service increased, but the costs have also come down. Because VOIP is not dependent on the expensive infrastructure of traditional phone companies, it is possible to get VOIP service for considerably less expense. There are also fewer fees charged to add-on features or to make changes in your account. In addition, you can save on cell phone charges because you won’t need to use your cell phone as much.

More Flexibility

There are many options made available through VOIP that are either impossible or more expensive using traditional systems. VOIP allows you to take your phone system wherever you go and use your laptop as a phone. No longer will you be tied to the system at work, VOIP will give you full access anytime, anywhere you go.

Greater Productivity

According to a survey conducted by Sage Research, converting to VOIP service increased each employee’s productivity by almost four hours per week by transmitting information more efficiently. That extra productivity translates into real money on your bottom line.

The Wave of the Future

A low rate VOIP system can make a significant difference in booting your productivity and controlling your costs. It is adaptable to all the major new information sharing systems, including video conferencing and call center applications. Because it is affordable and flexible, VOIP offers the sophisticated communication abilities necessary to stay competitive in today’s marketplace. VOIP technology that used to be available only to the largest firms can now be utilized by businesses of any size, allowing even small businesses to have access to the most advanced communications tools at an affordable price.

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