How To Reopen Recently Closed Tabs In Google Chrome

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Recent tabs in Chrome

It happens more often that you close the tab you are working on by mistake. It is a mistake that most of the internet surfers do. So is there any way to overcome this mistake? Probably no. However, there are some ways to restore a recently closed tab. And in this post we will share you how to do that.

How to Restore A Closed Tab In Chrome

Use one of these three ways to restore closed tabs in the Chrome browser.

1st Method:

Click on the top-right corner of your chrome browser and hover over the ‘Recent Tabs’ link. You can see all the tabs you have recently closed. Click any of them to open it again.


Recent tabs in Chrome

2nd Method:

You can also open recently closed tabs in Chrome using a short key. Just press Ctrl+Shift+T. It will open up the last tab you closed. If you press these buttons again, it will open the second last tab. You can restore up to 10 closed tabs using the short key.

There are also more methods to reopen closed tabs in chrome but these two are easy and enough for you. I recommend the second method if you want to restore the last tab. But if you want to restore a specific tab that is not your last tab, you should go with the first one.

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